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The Dumbest Things To Say To a Twin Mom

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Being a mom of twins, it seems like I have had my run of oddball questions. But according to The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs I am not alone. I asked my fellow twin mommies what the most ridiculous questions or comments that they have heard were and here are some of my personal favorites!



“Are they identical?” – This is commonly asked to parents of boy/girl twins. 

“Which one is smarter; cause you know one is always slower than the other..” – Really?

“Which one is your favorite?” – The happy one.

“Are you SURE they are twins? They look nothing alike.” – Quite sure, sine they both came out of me at the same time.

“Do they have the same father?” – *face palm*

“Did you have them vaginally?” – ummm, pretty personal question, don’t you think?

“Did you take fertility drugs? Are they natural?” – Again. Personal.

“You got a boy and a girl – so you are done!” – I didn’t know there was a limit.

“Double trouble!” “Better you than me!” “I feel so sorry for you!”Don’t feel sorry for me. I actually feel sorry for you because you don’t know the joy of raising twins.

“I know how you feel…mine are 19 months apart” – Really. you don’t know. 

“It’s as if they are two different children.” – the hologram is working!

Got any to add? Comment below!


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  1. Ok, here are some of my favorites:
    Were you in labor twice as long? (Um, two days, in fact, but kinda personal.)
    Which one is older? (As if one minute matters…And, by the way, just because one is bigger doesn’t automatically make her the oldest one. And, when you find out that tidbit of information, please don’t act quite so surprised. Size really doesn’t have much to do with birth order. Again, as if the one minute mattered.)
    Were you trying to have twins? (I wasn’t trying to have another child, actually. Much less two! But, how do you say that tactfully?)
    How can you tell them apart? (Note, mine are NOT identical. At all.)
    Do they know what the other is thinking? (They are two…do they even know what they are thinking themselves?)
    Can one feel the others’ pain? (Again…they’re two…)
    Why don’t you dress them alike? (Um, they are different people?)
    Are you going to try for a boy next time? (The twins brought my total to four girls. At the time the twins were born, I had four girls aged four and under. Really? I mean, really??? Why in the world would you ask a frazzled mom this question? I wasn’t planning on the two little ones. But, apparently the pill isn’t 100% effective. Neither is the vasectomy my husband had scheduled in two weeks from finding out we were having twins… So, the answer to that question would be not only “No,” but, “H*ll No!” However, how do you say that one without it coming out sarcastic? )
    Wow, were you surprised when they came out? (Yeah, the fourteen million ultrasounds didn’t detect that they were twins. BTW, welcome to this century.)

    Okay, that’s about all I’ve got for now! Twins rock. But so do singles. (My two oldest are reading this over my shoulder…the two who aren’t twins. Privacy? Where did you go?)

    – Loving mom of four girls.

  2. Even just, “are they twins” would get old. And I too have b/g and having to convince people they can’t be identical was always “fun”. Another fave when I would be out with all 3 (older singleton) “wow you have your hands full”. Yes I do, and fielding questions about my kids is really helping! 😉

    Fun post! Thanks, can’t believe my babies are almost 7!

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