Being a mom of twins, it seems like I have had my run of oddball questions. But according to The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs I am not alone. I asked my fellow twin mommies what the most ridiculous questions or comments that they have heard were and here are some of my personal favorites!



“Are they identical?” – This is commonly asked to parents of boy/girl twins. 

“Which one is smarter; cause you know one is always slower than the other..” – Really?

“Which one is your favorite?” – The happy one.

“Are you SURE they are twins? They look nothing alike.” – Quite sure, sine they both came out of me at the same time.

“Do they have the same father?” – *face palm*

“Did you have them vaginally?” – ummm, pretty personal question, don’t you think?

“Did you take fertility drugs? Are they natural?” – Again. Personal.

“You got a boy and a girl – so you are done!” – I didn’t know there was a limit.

“Double trouble!” “Better you than me!” “I feel so sorry for you!”Don’t feel sorry for me. I actually feel sorry for you because you don’t know the joy of raising twins.

“I know how you feel…mine are 19 months apart” – Really. you don’t know. 

“It’s as if they are two different children.” – the hologram is working!

Got any to add? Comment below!


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