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Has your child ever said anything weird or creepy? I asked several friends and fans this question and got some interesting responses!


“One day James was talking about my dad, How much he loved frogs and how he used to sing to him . James was 2 at the time, my Dad had been gone for 6 years at that time.” – Heather

“On the way to LA right before we hit a bit of turbulence this about 4 year old child turned to her mommy and said ‘Mommy, we are going down?!’” – Ashley

“Mommy, when you die do you want to be buried or burned….” – Cat

“Hunter used to routinely tell strangers that he drinks blood.” – Barbara

“When my son was two I heard him talking to someone, he was on my bed throwing a ball into the air for “Pop Pop” to catch, and having a full on conversation with him. My Dad had been gone for 4 years at that time. He also told me that Pop Pop liked football (he did) and that there was a yellow dog with him (Our dog who had also been gone for a few years).” – Di

“When I was 6 I told everyone I wanted to be a prostitute” – Ashley

“We saw my daughter’s name on some headstone in a cemetery ans ever since, she talks about how she died there.” – Samantha

“My son said “hey, can you tell that guy to get out of my closet? He bugs me when I’m sleeping”. When he was about 4 he’d talk about the guy in his closet, and he wasn’t scared.” – Colee

“It isn’t really a creepy thing she said, but my 3 year old was playing a game my iPad that has tons of stamps and colors and whatnot. I looked over a few minutes later and she had clicked on a picture of her little brother from the camera roll somehow and made it the background to color over, then had put stamps of ghosts, headstones and bats over his face. It just looked so creepy!! She had no clue what ghosts or headstones even were but still…” – Lauren

 My four year old daughter gave me a really tight hug around the neck, and I said, “Hey, you’re going to pop my head off!”, to which she replied without skipping a beat, ‘I’ll add it to my collection.’ LOL!” -Amy

“Madalynn told me she wanted to get a job so she could get me life insurance, but not to worry because she wasn’t going to kill me for the money.” -Rebecca

“My daughter told me once that if we didn’t get to the store where my husband was someone was going to cut off his head. And  the other day she told me that her parents died and their bodies were buried in the ground” – Cassee

“My daughter was almost 3. After a nap one day she told me her friend Emilee came to play with her in her room. 4 years earlier we lost a full term baby, named Emilee, whom we had never told her about.” – Heather


What is the creepiest thing your child has said? Comment below!


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