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I have a love for all things Will Ferrell, and from the looks of the trailer for Daddy’s Home, in theaters nationwide Christmas Day, he will not disappoint. Daddy’s Home features Will Ferrell as a typical father-type who strives to become the best step dad to his wife’s two children. Mark Wahlberg plays the biological dad (a freeloading, devil-may-care and more of a friend than a dad) who forces Ferrell to compete for his kids’ affections. Of course with these two hilarity will ensue and disasters will happen.  I can’t wait 🙂

Being a parent of two kids myself, I have seen my fair share of them acting more like adults than my husband and I who are raising them! My daughter is especially precocious. In fact, just last night we had an interesting evening where she – at 5 years old – showed me that she could be more of an adult than many grown-ups I know.


It actually started with my son, also 5 years old. My daughter and I had a “date” to see a play and Dylan was going to my best friend’s house for a while. I drove up to her house and went to walk him up the long driveway to the front door. We got up halfway and he turned to me and said, “You can go now mom, I got this.” Um, NO child. As much as you *think* you are all grown up I’m not leaving until you are safely inside.


Then Riley and I went to the train station to head downtown. It was her decision. At 5 years old she knew that the rain was an issue and felt like the train would be a better choice. Score a point for the little one.

She talked like an adult on the way. She did things like reminded me to give her gloves (it was COLD) and had a mental checklist of what we needed:

“Mom, did you bring my hat? Umbrella? Do you have the tickets? It’s raining, you should wear your rain boots, mom.”

She showed a maturity that was inspiring. She showed me what kind of adult she would eventually become.


After the show we walked back to the train stop in freezing rain – 1/2 a mile, or an eternity in a 5yo brain – and waited an extra 10 minutes because the train was late due to icy conditions and a Blazer game. Finally got on. Riley fell asleep. I chatted with a fellow train-rider about coding and nerd stuff, saw Beaverton Creek and was like “oh my stop” and got off.

Not my stop. My stop was WILLOW CREEK. 3 or 4 stops down. Riley and I sat in the cold rain for 10 minutes alone waiting for the next train at 11:20 at night. Which again, is an eternity for a 5 year old.

I felt horrible that I was out late, in freezing rain, with my daughter due to my mistake. Do you know what she said?

“It’s ok mommy, mistakes happen. You screwed up.” Thanks babe, rub it in.


She does things like this. She’s snarky. Odd and funny things come from her. I can joke with her and she doesn’t get offended. She jokes with me. She’s silly, but she is mature about it. Such a strange and wonderful trait for a 5 year old to have. Riley can talk your ear off about her favorite foods. She will share her tooth fairy money with her brother. She’s quick-witted. We have exchanges like this:


Riley asked why I was doing laundry.

Me: “Because if I don’t do it then it won’t get done.”

Riley: “That’s because it’s woman’s work.”
RIGHT?! She’s a nut. She and Dylan are better than I am, so at least I know when I royally screw up I am still kinda doing ok with these two…

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Just in time for the holidays and a nice reminder that I am not the only parent who acts more immature than their kids from to time, comes the hilarious movie Daddy’s Home! Daddy’s Home is a film for the whole family showing that even when we grown-ups screw it up, the kids will still love us and we will all be ok. This movie stars Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg and I can’t wait to see the antics these two get into!

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