Teeth and Colds…

Life She Has

Good news? Riley has finally cut 2 teeth! they came through on the same day (last Friday). She won’t let me take a picture though. Dylan has yet sprouted his own…

Bad news? We have all had colds here. Riley got it worse than everyone. Probably because of her teeth. The weekend of getting a Christmas tree and seeing Santa for the first time turned into cuddling the kids and sitting in the shower steam to break up nasty coughs and stuffy noses. Plus I had to aspirate both baby noses and it breaks my heart to do that. They both hate it and cry like you wouldn’t believe. And Riley’s face broke out, so she now has terribly chapped cheeks and nose.

Riley hasn’t been able to sleep laying down so she and I are camped out in the living room so she can sleep in her chair while the boys are all snuggled in the bedroom. Yes, they still sleep in our room. I can’t bear to take them out of there, but I know the time is coming because up until now they have been sleeping in the same crib. They are getting physically too big for that and two cribs will not fit in there.

Dylan seems fine now, he just had some mild sniffles. Riley was sneezing waterfalls, poor thing. Gross I know. But when you are a mom, talk about snot and poop and vomit no longer phase you…

Life She Has


  1. I hope Riley is feeling better soon! A sick baby is such a sad thing!

    I can’t believe your kids still sleep in your room and in the same crib! Not in a bad way, it’s just that Noah could NEVER sleep in that situation! We would wake him up all the time. And besides the fact that he’s 30 inches long and physically just couldn’t fit in there with another child, he moves around so much in his sleep, he’d never be able to share a crib with another baby!

    I hope the adjustment goes smoothly!

  2. Big Hugs as well!
    Have you heard of the Nose Frida nasal aspirator? It is the best one out there, absolutely discusting because you suck the snot out of the babies nose, but works way way way better than the crappy bulb ones! Livy and Erik both have colds now as well, I took them to emerg last night thinking it was ear infectins, but just colds! Silly me!!

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