I got this message from a close friend who is working on a “Card Shower” to help her friend’s daughter feel better during chemotherapy. I promise this a a 100% legitimate and I am posting it directly from the source, the family. You can see news articles about Libby Serber HERE and HERE.. My readers in DFW have probably heard of Libby Serber as well.


The daughter, of a friend to several of my friends, has a very sick little girl. I’m saying this so you realize this is not something I’m just passing on and and needs to be processed thru snopes. This is a real little girl in TX who is very sick. Her family and friends are organizing this card drive for her. Please read about it and consider sending a card. 

She has plenty of work ahead. So let’s help give her something fun to think about… a card shower. Remember when you were a kid how cool it was to get mail addressed to you? Let’s do that. 

I don’t want to give out her address without permission, so mail them to:

Libby Serber c/o The Moores
24 Central Park Way
Pooler, GA 31322

We will ship them all to her. Let’s get as many as we possibly can!!! Team Libby!