Every Thursday I am going back to my old blog to see what I posted there on the same date. This was posted on November 20, 2008:

So I am reading the SHOPAHOLIC series. I am loving it, but I am not excited about the movie coming out in 02/2009. Here’s what I find VERY wrong from the trailer…

  • The movie is set in New York… Wha? It’s supposed to be in London!
  • Rebecca Bloomwood is NOT a recent college grad, as depicted in the film.
  • Isla Fisher as Rebecca? WTH?
  • Some dorky guy as Luke? Luke is supposed to be tall, dark, and handsome…
  • The trailer has Rebecca trying on bridemaid’s dresses… presumably for her roommate Suze’s wedding. In the book Suze is VERY single…

And now MY picks for the characters:

Billie Piper as Rebecca Bloomwood. She’s from Dr. Who and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She’s huge in England.

Jude Law as Luke.. ’nuff said.

Emily Blunt as best friend/flatmate Suze. She would be perfect!

Steve Valentine as Tarquin, who’s heart is broken by Rebecca. Creepy, mysterious, pasty, flawless as Tarquin…

And finally:

Simon Pegg as Derek Smeath, the banker with a heart. SHAAAUUUUN!!!

Notice that they are all British actors… that wasn’t an accident…


Just to recap the actual cast:

  • Isla Fisher – Rebecca Bloomwood
  • Hugh Dancy – Luke Brandon
  • Krysten Ritter – Suze
  • Nick Cornish – Tarquin
  • Robert Stanton – Derek Smeath


So, although it was a cute movie, I have such an attachment to the books (my friend Dianna and I would trade them with each other at work and had our own mini-book club around them) that it was hard for me to get past quirky Isla Fisher as Rebecca. In the books Rebecca is charmingly clumsy and a bit absent-minded, but she’s not an IDIOT. Also, although Hugh Dancy is a hottie in his own right, I don’t know if his role was masculine enough for the role of Luke. I saw Luke a bit more smoldering… With that said, the movie was fluffy-cute, but it’s unfortunate that it didn’t quite capture the metamorphosis that Rebecca went through in the books.

So even though I know the movie came out almost 5 years ago, I will ask you what you though of it – comment here!