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Purina knows how important pets are to their owners and the importance of providing them with nutritious meals. They realized that not all dog owners knew about the many benefits of Purina One. As a result, they sent out on a venture to entice dog owners to take part in a 28-Day Challenge to see if their dogs overall health could be improved within a month.


One concern that a lot of dog owners seem to have is the lack lustre look of their coat. Diet and lack of exercise can result in a dull looking coat. Bad breathe and teeth can lead to poor overall health and a variety of illnesses. These underlying issues can result in a dog being restless and out of sorts. Pet owners may also notice that their dogs do not run and play as before.

In the Purina One 28 Day Challenge, bloggers who owned dogs were sent some free product coupons for Purina One dry dog food. Another product included in this campaign was a couple of dog toys, a photo frame to showcase any visible changes in their pet’s overall health. A food guide showing various types of dog food was also included.

Purina takes pride in the fact that they put real meat, chicken or fish into their products. Purina One provides dogs and cats with pet food that tastes great and provides important nutritional benefits.

Molly is my Labrador. She is 8 years old this year and is starting to show her age – gray whiskers, sparser fur, and starting to slow down a bit. But she still has a lot of spunk and spriteness in her. Purina One is a great choice for her!

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We chose the Lamb & Rice formula for her since she does suffer from some allergies, we wanted to keep aways from beef varieties. Molly has overall responded positively to her new food during the 28 Day Challenge and has had an overall better look to her. Her skin is less red and her coat is shinier. She has also shown more interest in playing and taking walks with a little more skip in her step. Her smell and breath are also better.


Try the Purina One 28 Day Challenge for yourself and see how your furry friend thrives!

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