My dog Molly has had her fair share pf problems. She’s older, allergic to just about everything, and, like many floppy-eared dogs is prone to ear infections. Something I have thought about  – and I hope you do too – is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®

Vet bills are expensive. When I took her in for her allergy tests I had no idea that $600 later we would find out exactly what makes her not feel so well. With Healthy Paws I would pay about $100 a month and be covered at 70% for EVERYTHING. If she was younger it would be higher coverage – up to 90%. And for my cat? My 3 year old cat can be covered at under $20 a month.


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®, the #1 customer-rated pet insurance, is there when you and your pet need them the most so that you can focus on giving them the best care without worrying about the cost. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® pays up to 90% of vet bills and provides a multitude of information on how to help your pet live the healthiest life possible.

As an added bonus, with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®, you can not only help your pet, but your friends’ pets too, through the Refer-A-Friend Program. For each friend who enrolls through your referral, you will earn a $35 Amazon Gift Card.

Pets are expensive, especially if they get hurt suddenly or get sick. Don’t let a bill be the deciding factor on life or death with your BFF. You can check out testimonials from customers here!


I am giving away a super rad light up leash on behalf of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance! Simply use the form below to enter – winner selected 11/25/2016!

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