The time: Just after the Zombie Apocalypse. The world: desolate, toxic.
It’s a world Monsters now have to themselves. No humans left to scare. No reason left to hide. No purpose, except to do what they love best – to race. It’s in their blood, no matter what color that blood happens to be. Who will finish first? Who will finish dead last?DSC00043

I have two little ones who were VERY excited to have some cool Monster 500 toys to play with! My twins got the following to review:

These sets are COOL!!!! I wanted to keep them but, hey, I will be a nice mommy and let my kiddos have them. The monster/zombie genre has always been a favorite of mine – I love the campy classic Frankenstein and urban legends like alligators in the sewers, to Monster 500 was right up our alley.


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We were lucky to find out that Graveyard Gauntlet came with Drac Attack die cast and Toxic Terror Trap came with Evil Clownevil.

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We now have 3 of the five available die cast Monster 500 cars – I am definitely heading to Toys R Us to pick up the other 7 die cast, including Werewolf Blitzer, Dr Jekyll & Mr Ride, and of course my personal favorite – Zoom Zombie!


Each car comes with a card that has a code – you can use it with the FREE Monster 500 app to unlock drivers!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.55.53 PM


It’s a really fun app – I loaded it onto my iPad and have been playing it 🙂 I love racing games!

We got to work setting up Toxic Terror Trap – it was pretty easy, but I think it would have been even easier if the parts were numbered. But once I figured out how the track went it was smooth sailing.

photo 2

Dylan and Riley had SO much fun zooming their cars down the track, waiting to see if they either defeated the Slime Monster or got eaten by the alligator. The sounds the set makes are gurgles, growls, and swishing, adding to the fun and excitement of the set.

photo 3 photo 2 (1) photo 5

See those smiles? They LOVE this set!

The Graveyard Gauntlet is cool – you set it up by securing the launching skull on a table (or a chair like we did) and dropping the track down to the floor. It’s a RACE from there between two players!


 The track goes up to 7 feet long!

CrocPot Electronic Car is fun – it makes flushing sounds and growling as well as lights up with LEDs. Dylan LOVES it 🙂


You can find Monster 500 goodies at Toys R Us or online at http://monster500.com. They are super cool, my kids have been really enjoying them! Also find them on Facebook and Twitter and get the app on iTunes!


*I was supplied with the item(s) reviewed to facilitate this post, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own. No compensation was recieved.

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