What do you give the person who has everything? Or someone who you have no idea what to give? When I am in this predicament I head over to LivingSocial to see what fun new ideas are in store! You can literally think outside-the-box with a fun and very different gift that they won’t soon forget.

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You can think outside the box by giving things like maid service (a VERY welcome gift for any parent!), a night out painting, or wine tasting at a local vineyard. Oregon residents have an option of giving tickets to Wildlife Safari (I was there recently and it’s AMAZING).

This year, think outside of the box – literally – by giving the unexpected and extraordinary. From heart-racing activities such as jet skiing, jet flight simulation and race car driving to the more cerebral such as cooking or photography lessons, you can easily gift them something to talk about with LivingSocial.


LivingSocial is the go-to destination for experiential gifting, this holiday season and all-year round. Most LivingSocial deals can be gifted – just look for the gift icon on the purchase page. Whether you want to give the gift immediately or schedule it for a future date, our digital delivery options make “wrapping” a cinch.

I have been a loyal LivingSocial customer for several years now and have been so happy with my experiences so far. I would very highly recommend checking out what they have to offer in your area.


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