I can’t believe my children are approaching their first birthday!

I just finished ordering some gifts for them. I am excited because I ended up paying $6.50 OOP for everything thanks to rewards from Swagbucks and ExpoTV!

These are all from Amazon:

Kid-O Bilibo – Green $25.20

Have you seen these things? While I was visiting my sister I noticed her daughter had one. My niece and Dylan were playing with it a lot. It can be a little chair, a sled, a turtle shell, a bowl… so many things. I can’t wait for the imagination to run wild with the Bilibo!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Mailbox $24.21

I love this too – it’s received some great reviews and I like the idea of them both playing with it…

Ty Wonderpets Trio Kit (Turtle Tuck, Linny & Ming Ming) $15.08

They LOVE the Wonder Pets… I don’t often let them watch tv, but when I do, it’s the Wonder Pets!

These are cool – they come apart for a wide variety of play & uses. They can be chairs, stepstools, be climbed on, cuddled, so many fun things to do! I had to get one for each of them!


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