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Living in Portland, Tillamook products are a staple in our home. The factory is only a couple of hours away (and actually a LOT of fun to see!). So when Tillamook introduced the Sweetened Light and Lowfat Yogurt varieties last year, we were excited. My kids were especially thrilled (they are big on yogurt!)


Ok, mom – stop taking pictures and hand over the Tillamook!

As part of their breakfast, my 3 year old twins usually have some sort of protein to start their day off right. Tillamook Yogurt has 7 grams of protein per cup – more than an egg (6g)! Starting your day with protein levels off the sugar levels, giving you sustained energy and no big “crash”. Plus Tillamook Yogurt is 100% natural – absolutely nothing artificial.


The kids LOVE the fruit varieties – local favorites like Oregon Strawberry and Marionberry. SO yummy! Tillamook Yogurt is also a great “food-on-the-go”. Easy to grab a couple and throw them into my little cooler!


Riley’s favorite? Oregon Strawberry!



Dylan? He loves them all 🙂


Tillamook has a wide variety of great yogurt flavors, along with several other yummy products – including the best ice cream you’ve ever had. Seriously – if you haven’t tried Tillamook Rocky Road ice cream you are missing out! And of course the delicious cheeses – all 100% natural and super yummy.


You can enter to win a month’s supply of Tillamook Yogurt! One winner every month!

You can find Tillamook Yogurt and other Tillamook products at your local grocery store (if you don’t see it, ask that they carry it!). Connect with Tillamook on Facebook, follow @TillamookCheese on Twitter, and get a TON of yummy inspiration with Tillamook on Pinterest! Plus, if you are heading to the Oregon Coast be sure to make a stop at the Tillamook factory!


While supplied with the item(s) reviewed, I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

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  1. It looks like it got two thumbs up from your kids! I’m going to check for that brand when i go shopping.

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