Brilliant Sky Toys & Books announced the 2014 Brilliance Award Winners – one of these ingenious and interactive toys is Squigz. See the rest of the winners HERE!



I love having creative toys for my children. I want them to use their noggins for something that will encourage their imagination to run wild! This is why I love Squigz!


Connecting to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface – Squigz are a species all their own. They flex. They stick. They suck people into creativity. Once they take hold, it takes some pull to separate them. When Squigz POP! in protest – you’ll have to admit… your hands and ears are shamelessly delighted! They are flexible fellows and committed joiners. Squigz and fellow Squigz have one chief enterprise – creating things. Willingly, they assemble to become rockets, vehicles, a cushion for the cat, jewelry… they thrill in uniting as a ginormous octopus or squid. Squigz are scientific sorts – always up for playful experimentation and defying gravity – sticking to bathtubs, windows, school lockers, tabletops, and office desktops. (And they are mannerly guests too – never leaving a trace of their presence.)

My kids decided that Squigz were SO COOL that they warranted a video review. Watch Twin Chatter and see how awesome Squigz are!

You can see that the twins LOVE Squigz – they are super fun to play with and they are able to really use their imaginations for some fun creative play. You can find Squigz at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books – CLICK HERE for a location near you!

* Product provided for review purposes.