Halloween Treats Nestle Tombstone #TrickURTreat

I love Halloween – not only for the fun costumes, but the yummy food that go along with it! Halloween Treats have always been a favorite of mine. Now that I am a mom, I like making those scary & fun treats for my children. All of that Halloween candy can be reinvented for some brand new yummies – my favorites being Nestle Butterfinger, Crunch, and Nerds! Walmart has them for just $2.68 per bag!

I also love the ease of tossing a Tombstone Pizza in the oven. In 20 minutes I have a delicious lunch or dinner. Walmart’s regular price on these is just $2.88! And if you look for the Tombstone Pizzas with the monsters on the front, you may also find a peelie coupon for $2 off 2 bags of Nestle Fun Size Candy when you buy two pizzas. It’s like you are getting one of those Nestle Candy bags for just $.68 🙂 That’s a Walmart deal I can get behind!

Halloween Treats Nestle Tombstone #TrickURTreat #shop

I need to tell you first off – this treat was NOT my first attempt. I am usually a cupcake person, so my first thought was “hey, why not incorporate Nestle candy into cupcake recipes?? So I tried. And failed. The Nerds melted and the bottoms of the cupcakes got soft and fell apart. I know there was something else I could do that would blow cupcakes out of the water. But what?…

Then I had it. Caramel Apples! But not just any caramel apples – they needed to be kid friendly, not too messy to make costumes sticky, and I wanted to incorporate my favorite candy, Nestle Butterfingers, Crunch, and Nerds.

So “Nestle Vampire Apple Bites” were born!

Halloween Treats Nestle Tombstone #TrickURTreat #shop

All you need to do is:

 Melt caramel squares on low heat or in a double boiler. In separate bowls, crush different candies, like Nestle favorites – Butterfingers, Nerds, and Nestle Crunch. Chop apples into chunks and poke a cake pop stick into each chunk. dip in caramel, then into crushed candy and enjoy!

You can also have some fun with your Tombstone pizza – I cut mine into coffin shapes because, hey – vampires sleep in coffins, right? Serve with some frothy “Vampire Juice” – a variation of a root beer float, but use carbonated fruit punch instead!

Halloween Treats Nestle Tombstone #TrickURTreat #shop

I am so excited to add Vampire Apple Bites to my list of fun Halloween Food – Nestle Fun Size Candy and Tombstone Pizza make it easy for my kids to enjoy a spooky treat!

Halloween Treats Nestle Tombstone #TrickURTreat #shop

What are YOUR Halloween Treat ideas this year? Make sure you try Nestle Candies and Tombstone Pizza and share your creations with me!