Why can’t I hold on to just ONE pillow? I keep buying them. He keeps taking them. The other day I went into his room – he had no less than 5 pillows on his bed. So the nice ones I try to hide from him but he ends up finding them.

I just got a new pillow from Snuggle-Pedic that I am desperately trying to hide from him. It’s made of memory foam, bamboo, and kitten whispers (ok maybe not kitten whispers) and has become my new favorite place to rest my head. Which also means that it will end up becoming his favorite place to rest his head too unless I can successfully pretend it’s a plain ‘ol pillow. Nothing special. Move along, boy.

The memory foam inside this dreamy pillow is shredded and fully customizable – Snuggle-Pedic will let you add to it as you need to by send you more foam. Also – the shredded foam means it isn’t going to go flat. Which is cool because I like my pillows super fluffy. It conforms to the shape of my head and neck (and eventually my son’s head and neck) and offers some really nice support. This is good because I often hold tension in my neck and shoulders, so with my Snuggle-Pedic pillow I am able to release a bit of that tension while I sleep. Until my dear sweet little boy comes to yank that unicorn of pillows away in the dead of night.

Actually, you know what? I AM THE BOSS HERE. This is my pillow. My favorite pillow. Nobody else gets this wonderful pillow but me.

…until he gives me that sad whimper face and says “pleeeaaase” sweetly. Then I will probably give in.

Get a Snuggle-Pedic Pillow here and also check out the mattresses because those look awesome!

*Thank you to Snuggle-Pedic for sending me my new favorite pillow.