Estradiol is at 261, which is appropriate for this time into the process. I am still at 112.5 of gonal-f and one vial of menopur a day, plus 5 ml of lupron. I asked the nurse if there was anything to take the sting out of the menopur, she said to let the mixture sit for 10 minutes before injecting. I tell you, the menopur is my least favorite of the injections, but worth it in the end šŸ™‚

Dr says the ER will probably be Monday or Tuesday of next week. I am praying for Tuesday, that way I can hide all of this from my boss. If it isn’t then, I will have to tell her that I am having another “procedure”. I hate those conversations.

And I was so right about Katie!!! Congratulations!! And a special congrats to Lauren!! There have been more BFPs in the last couple of weeks than I can ever recall!