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Every year one of my favorite things to do at Christmas is go to the tree farm and cut down our very own tree. We go to the same one – about 3 miles away, acres and acres of green Christmas trees to see. But – it often gets bitter cold buy the time we get out there which means runny noses abound. The perfect solution? Puffs Plus Lotion for little faces.


Puffs Plus Lotion is dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin,Ā helping my and my family to get out and enjoy our favorite winter past time. Without it there would be some complaining kids and miserable parents. Plus Puffs is great for anytime we go out. Because winter is the most common time for colds and flu (last year I was sick for 2 months!!), having Puffs Plus Lotion on hand will make it a bit easier to not bee cooped up inside all the time. I would get cabin fever if I didn’t leave the house once in a while. Because it ha soothing aloe vera lotion in every tissue our noses won’t get raw and red, an obvious plus in my book.

xmas tree

Five Items You Should Have When Christmas Tree Hunting:

  1. Puff Plus Lotion (because if everything I said above!)
  2. Hot chocolate for everyone! Because what’s tree hunting without it?
  3. Hats, mittens, scarves. Preferably in holiday themes or colors.
  4. A Measuring tape. Make sure that tree that “doesn’t look so big” will fit in your house – they are always bigger than you think!
  5. A saw – because it’s always fun cutting down your own tree all by yourself. Most tree farms will supply one as well!

So whether you are tree hunting, caroling, or just enjoying a walk in the winter wonderland, make sure you have Puffs Plus Lotion on hand! Find it in the bath tissue aisle of your favorite store! And when you find the perfect tree, be sure to give it a hug šŸ™‚


*This post was sponsored by Puffs/Procter & Gamble, however all opinions are my own.


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