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I’m not sure what it is but every since having children, my teeth are incredibly “not so white.” When I had the chance to review a product called Smile Brilliant, I jumped at the opportunity. These products actually come with custom trays and I love every minute of it.


There’s nothing worse than using one of those uncomfortable trays that don’t even fit your mouth. They send you a kit, and you can do the teeth imprints right in your own home, a technician crafts your trays together, and then you receive them back in the mail. I’m telling you, it was truly as easy as that.





Want to know what I was majorly surprised about this teeth whitening product? It was affordable! I know when I’ve gotten a quote in the past about teeth whitening the quote was close to $500. I don’t know about you but paying that kind of money for white teeth doesn’t make sense.


Why do white teeth even matter?

Well, I’m not saying everyone needs to have white teeth. However, there’s something about a white smile that makes you feel incredibly confident. I love smiling, but not when my teeth look as though I’ve been eating yellow butter. A nice, pearly white smile just helps me feel better about myself and adds confidence. When you’re a mom, sometimes you need all of the confident boosters you can get.


Feel free to head on over to Smile Brilliant and try out these products for yourself!

* I received the product(s) in order to facilitate the review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.