And we all got sleep last night…. Yay!

Mylicon worked like a charm. As did soy formula. I wish I was giving them breastmilk exclusively but it’s still not going well. I have pretty much decided to pump from now on. Of course we will have our snuggle skin time but none of us can take the pressure of actually nursing. If I can start pumping 30oz a day It will be enough for them for now, then hopefully my milk will continue to increase with time.

Good thing is this morning I pumped 5oz. Bad thing is my next session was barely an ounce. I am gonna order some mothers milk tea and see if I can swing getting a new, stronger double pump to save time and get more bang. But I know they are pricey so I may have to rent something.

I figure at least they will be getting my milk, right?

I will continue to try nursing this week but if it doesn’t work it’s ok.

Oh, and Jenna mentioned a possible dairy allergy in a previous comment. I have been thinking about that, especially since I had a terrible intolerance to dairy and beef during part of my pregnancy. I think dairy may be the big culprit especially because of the soy switch and the effect it had.

Side note – Riley has had a blocked tear duct for a couple days now. I have been putting a warm compress on her eye and massaging the duct area but I also put breast milk on it tonight to see if that helps…stay tuned! šŸ™‚