Christmas was quiet and nice… Just Josh and I (and Lucy and Molly and Lucky, of course). we opened presents in the morning, tried to find somewhere the eat in the evening, settled on Shari’s (kinda like Denny’s) and then went to a movie. (Yes Man, funny)

I am writing this blog on my brand new laptop computer 🙂 Now I can sit in bed, watch TV, be on the phone, blog, and surf the net at the same time… talk about multi-tasking….

My darling dear husband also gave me a digital camera and some UGG boots…. so now you will see more pictures of my life so far, the dogs, and of course new cute heels when I buy them!

Josh got a new guitar (Gretsch electromatic hollowbody – All Brian Setzer-like) and lessons… I told him he needs to sing the future not-yet-conceived baby lullabies all rockabilly-style.**

*but he needs to get a leopard-print velvet jacket and do his hair in a pompadour for the full effect...


  1. I received a laptop and digital camera last year and love them both. I didn’t realize you were starting the IVF process next month. Sending you many +++++ vibes that it gets you your baby. Good luck!

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