So I don’t yet have all of the pics. My SIL has some in her camera that I forgot to get from her before she left. I am gonna either have to get them over the inter-web or wait until she comes back down from Seattle, presumably after bebez… So here are a few for you to check out!

My loverly cake made by my wonderful friend Robin! Unfortunately there was a little mishap when it was getting loaded, so Robin whipped up an equally delish substitute:
Here’s the sub with the sheet cakes. They were yummy. Yes, I totally cheated on my GD diet, but I couldn’t help it! The yellow cake had a yummy custardy filling that was just divine…
One of the little cakes. Since the theme was Alice in Wonderland she piped “eat me on each one 🙂 And yes, you grew when you ate one, but not the way Alice did. haha!
One of the centerpieces which is now on my mantle. I loved all of the heart playing cards and the glittery hearts to represent the Red Queen!
Me and my good friend Eileen!

Eileen and I again chattin
Presents! That’s my niece in the background…
These are from said niece.. The blue says “Rock Star” and the pink says “Rebel” 🙂
This was just one of the many things my sister gave me. She knitted some beautiful AND super cool goodies for the babies! And she decorated onesies with tattoo patches and studded skulls and sparrows… I will probably use some of the pieces for the babies’ going home outfits 🙂
A vintage swing coat for my baby girl! Gotta love that! From my bro and SIL, they also gave me more vintage stuff and a few handmade cool things too 🙂
One of the games. This one was a baby food game 🙂 Rachelle, Becca, and Robin (L to R)
This was a swaddling game. They had to swaddle “The Duchess’s‘ pig/baby” 🙂 L to R – Shelby, Becca, Maddy, Rachelle, Jen
Relaxing after the shower with Gracie (my baby sister)
*Belleh*… and tired…
Ahhh, my chair!
There were about 20 or so people there 🙂 all on my SIL’s camera I am sure. All in all I was blessed with some great gifts and great time with my friends 🙂 Got lots of gift cards, mostly from Babies-r-Us and a really great one for a spa in Portland that specializes in pre/post-natal treatments which I will take advantage of right after the babies are born. They even come to your hospital 🙂 Got lots of books – Where the Wild Things Are (plus the big monsters to go with the book), Curious George, Alice in Wonderland, plus a ton more. One of them made me cry when I read it at home – “Love You Forever”. OMG. If you haven’t read it, make sure you have tissues when you do…
Other things included lots and lots of clothes, diapers, bath stuff for me, bath stuff for the babies, bouncers, a mommy clip, and plenty more. I was spoiled like you wouldn’t believe! Josh got all into the daddy mode and put crib #1 together when we got home. I was procrastinating on that. So we just have a couple more things to get and we will be ready.