Thanks to the Stirrup Queen for giving us all a little piece of our childhood back šŸ™‚ More show and tell HERE

When I was little, my family and I used to go to my grandma’s house in Placentia, CA all of the time. We always had fun there. Here’s us… I’m the one sitting cross-legged and looking up at something ..circa 1980ish..

Anyway, there are plenty of fond memories here. One of my favorite being the spice tin that contained “love”. Grandma would always open the tin and “sprinkle” love into the dinner she was making us. One day we decided to see what was in the tin. We opened it up and found it was empty. My brother and I figured that Grandma used up all of the “love”. We along with my sisters got bright red construction paper and cut out little tiny hearts to fill the tin back up with love. That evening Grandma was making dinner and when she went to sprinkle the love into her palm to put it in the food, she got a surprise with all of the little red hearts that spilled out into her hand.

She kept that tin filled with our little construction paper hearts on her oven ledge for years, until she became ill with Alzheimer’s and had to move out of her home. I am not sure where it is now, but I know one of us kids or mom has it. Grandma passed away nearly 4 years ago and I miss her every single day.

Today I knew she was with me. I went to a local thrift store after work on a whim and found this.

It’s now sitting on my oven ledge where it will remain until I give it to one of my grandchildren someday. Maybe it will be filled with little tiny red hearts, maybe not. But it will always be a constant reminder of my beautiful Grandma and the love she put into everything she did.