Having two-year old twins means that they like to get into things – A LOT. One thing they do that drives me nuts is dump their toy buckets out – all of those little blocks, cars, and dolls go everywhere and seem to end up all over the house! I found a super easy way to keep their toys were they belong! You will need:

  • ANY bucket or container with handles (mine were about $6.50 at Target)
  • Ribbon of choice
  • A triangle picture frame hook (I like these because they lay flat), you can find these at any hardware store.
  • A flat head screw
  • screwdriver
  • stud finder (optional)

All you need to do is find a stud in the wall – either with a stud finder or by tapping/knocking on the wall. You will know where a stud is because it won’t sound hollow when you tap. Then screw the triangle hook into the stud at the height you need, then thread the ribbon through the triangle and the handle of the container! Tie in a knot then a bow if you’d like. I like using the frame hook because it will lay flat and not injure the child in case they fall.

You can use variations of this idea by using small buckets for things like crayons, chalk, etc. Or use several containers and label them for each item type!

Toys stay where they belong!


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