It is easier then ever to be green and there are so many products available in most retail and grocery stores. But, there is still one major obstacle that can deter consumers from buying, the price. Earthly Reward was created to help you save money while helping you be kinder to the earth.
Earthly Reward is a free membership website with links to websites that sell socially responsible and earth and animal friendly products (baby and kids products, clothes, shoes, beauty products, furniture, pet supplies, office supplies, diamonds and jewelry, and more). Members earn Earthly Points (ep) for purchases made on these websites, through Earthly Reward. One 1 ep equals 1 dollar, pound, euro, and any currency used by PayPal. Your earnings are automatically converted and deposited into your PayPal account every 3 months.

From March 1-March 31, 2011 all members can earn 5% (usually 2%) back in ep on most purchases. Also, Follow on Twitter and/or Facebook and send a message indicating you saw this post on this blog and you will earn 2 ep.

Earthly Reward 

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