What’s a party without Old London & Nonni’s Biscotti! Every year I my family and I go all out for Halloween – the food is the most fun part!

You can find great recipes HERE… though I thought it would be fun to make little skulls from the Melba Toast:

  • Spead Melba Toast with Cream Cheese
  • Add halved almonds for the eyes 
  • Cut a halved almond in half and make the “pointy part” the nose cavity

See how easy (and cute!) they are? You can also use toppings such as cheese, chocolate chips, tomatoes, the possibilites are endless! Try using a piping bag with a flat tip to make mummies from cream cheese and use pieces of olives for the eyes peeking though – YUMMY! 

Make Old London part of your active, healthy lifestyle. Melba’s satisfying, crisp bite makes it a light bread replacement for a quick lunch or easy snack. Try all the Old London products, a brand you can trust for a great flavor and outstanding quality. Look for the Old London Specialty Cracker Section in your local grocery store and find more than just Melba!!

Kids & adults love Old London! Why not try them at your next party?

Biscotti Bites are the perfect snack after a long day at work or after kids have gone to bed. It’s the perfect opportunity to give you a well-deserved break and pencil in some “me time.” Biscotti Bites are a great companion for on-the-go snacking and an excellent complement to enhance a favorite coffee beverage, glass of wine, or eating by itself. There are approximately 24 serving per package and prices are $3.49-$3.99 Biscotti Bites are now available at select stores, visit Nonni’s online to find a retailer near you.

How to turn Nonni’s Biscotti into a Halloween treat:

  1. Grab a Styrofoam cup, black electrical tape and a scissors.
  2. Cut circles and/or triangles for Jack-o-Lantern eyes & noses.
  3. Cut mouths with teeth.
  4. Tape onto cup.
  5. Brew up some coffee or hot chocolate.
  6. Dip your Biscotti Bites (AKA: Body Parts/fingers) 
2 Grand Prize Winners ($25 worth of product) 
and 2 Runner Ups ($10 worth of product).

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