So a little background… I used to live in California and my SIL lived pretty close. Then she up and moved to the Seattle area. DH and I came up to visit the family and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. So I asked for a transfer at my job, the closest they could get me to Seattle was Portland. I’ll TAKE it!

Fast forward 3 years. Found an amazing doctor, work with an amazing team, I am happy. going to IVF very soon. And I get this phone call… from my boss…

boss: “I want you to take over a store up in Seattle. I know you’ve always wanted to live there so I thought you can take it. It’s higher volume and needs someone strong.”

me: “Umm, errr, Wha?!” And thinking, CRAP, why now?

boss: “It’s a great opportunity and we really need you. And the company won’t pay for the move”

me: “I can’t afford to move 200 miles away to another state. I have a financial agenda and used my savings to pay off bills so I can buy a house in a year”

boss: “How much can a move be? Can’t you just charge it?”

me: thinking – *I would still have to pay for it if I charged it…* “When I moved to Portland it cost almost $4000. I don’t have that. Call me in September if you still need me there”

She does have someone there, but only every other week. It’s complicated. Plus she lives in Hawaii where a move is renting a uhaul for $20 and driving across the island (unless you move to another island, but even then it ain’t $ grand). Not to a whole other state.

So, yeah, good timing….but at least I am considered “strong”….