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I always ask the twins what they want to dream about when they go to bed. Usually it’s princesses or puppies, but last week it was different. I asked Dylan what he was going to dream about. He told me he was going to dream about Power Rangers. But not just any Power Ranger, he was going to dream about the “Gold Power Ranger!”

Power Rangers emPOWER program teaches kids and families how to put into action the core Power Rangers values of teamwork, confidence, friendship, standing for what’s right and health & physical activity. Just as the Power Rangers use teamwork to solve a different challenge in every episode, Power Rangers emPOWER provides parents and community leaders with the tools they need to work together to raise healthy kids.

It was then I knew. I knew he would go nuts over the Saban’s Power Ranger Scooter and Helmet which I received a couple of days before to review. I was holding onto it and hiding it because I wasn’t 100% sure how I would give him such a cool gift, but after he told me he was going to dream about Power Rangers, I knew he would be beyond excited to see it the next morning.

He was GLOWING when he saw it. I had already decided we would head to the park that morning to check it out, he with his new scooter and Riley with her balance bike. I was worried that he wouldn’t get the “balancing on two wheels” thing since this scooter was meant for ages 5 and up, but since I was supervising him I knew he’d be ok.

He was just fine! He got on and practiced. He wanted to do all of the “cool stuff” the older kids were doing (there’s a skate park attached to the regular park). So I had to guide him and tell him to keep one foot on the scooter and kick with the other one. Before I knew it, he and Riley were “racing”.

Who knew Power Rangers would stand the test of time? They were insanely popular when I was younger and now my 3 1/2 year old son is getting into them!

Be sure to check out the Official Power Ranger Site for some super cool activities, videos, and MORE! Find Power Rangers Merchandise on Amazon and at several retailers including Toys’r’Us! Scooter retails for $39.95, helmet retails for $24.99

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