Scentsy is a wickless home fragrance system. It uses a decorative warmer with a low watt light bulb to slowly and gently WARM the food grade parafin wax. The wax gets just above body temperature, not hot enough to burn anyone who touches it. It’s safe for kids and pets. Everyone wants a wonderful smelling home, but not everyone can handle or likes the soot, burns, and fire hazards. After the initial investment in the beautiful warmers, Scentsy is more cost effective then the popular candle companies. A bar of Scentsy wax costs just $5, has 8 cubes of wax each lasting any where between 24-60 hours depending on the scent and how large the area it is in. There is something for everyone, from scent circles for your car, travel tins for your desks, scent packs for you closets, room sprays, antibacterial foams, bars, economical bricks, buddies, and three sizes of warmers with 5 different price ranges! 

My Scentsy Consultant Heather sent me the CUTEST Scentsy Warmeralong with a BlueBerry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar:

Zebra Plug-In Warmer $20, Blueberry Cheescake Bar $5

I have a bit of a wild streak so I LOVED the Zebra Stripes! It goes well with my decor and is so pretty! The Blueberry Cheesecake Bar is.. mmmm! DIVINE! It really makes me want to jump up and make blueberry muffins! It smells delicious!! I have had it plugged in for hours and it still smells yummy!

I also LOVE the Scentsy Buddies! Dylan & Riley loves having something to snuggle with, what better than a Scentsy Buddy – complete with a soothing scent, such as Lavender or Nursery!

To Host a Party

It takes just a few minutes to set up an online party! It doesn’t cost a thing to host! Online parties only cost your time and efforts to share the links! You will have a chance to earn free and half price product just for sharing something amazing with the people you love! A qualifying party is just $150 in product sales and results in 10% product credit and a half price item and it only goes up from there! Click HERE for more information!

To Become a Scentsy Consultant

It’s just $99 to start up! You will get everything you need to get off to a running start! The business supplies and product total approximately $275 all for that low price of $99! Signing with Heather guarantees support you need, a team of wonderful ladies to rely on, fun times, and fun incentive trips! Click HERE for more information!

About my Scentsy Consultant Heather

I am the mom of 3 amazing and beautiful kids. I love Scentsy because with those lovelies I didn’t want anything around that would harm them. I have enough trouble keeping the 2’s and 3’s turning into Jumps! They get into everything and this is something I can rest easy about while having an amazing smelling house. I worked out of the home for 4 years, I liked my job but missed my kids. After a lay off I KNEW I didn’t want to go back out into the corporate world. I was introduced to Scentsy in November 2010 through my own review and give away page.  I fell in love instantly! It was better then anything I had ever tried, I loved the warmers, loved the over 80 scents available to choose from, and so did everyone I came in contact with! It took me a while to make the actual leap. I was scared I’d fall on my face, have wasted my families money and been no better off. BOY was I WRONG! I’ve soared. I earned by initial investment back in just 3 days! I have a job making money and I can choose my schedule, I can work while the kids are in school and sleeping. I don’t have to leave home, I don’t have to work for the man any more. I get back exactly what I put into it, I can choose for it to be part time or full time and I enjoy every minute of it! Scentsy is a great company to represent and the core values are simply enthralling.  How many companies base their everything off of the simple core values of Generosity, Simplicity, and Authenticity. It’s truly a company I have grown to love! 


Go straight to my very own Scentsy Party! It’s a great time to get some Christmas shopping started!


One very lucky reader will WIN a Scentsy Solid Perfume in your choice of fragrance!

Click HERE to visit Scentsy and take a look at the scents you can choose from!

How to Enter

Just follow the instructions in the entry form! The only mandatory entry is to comment on this post with the scent you would choose if you win – all other entries are optional but will increase your chances of winning! Giveaway ends 9/30/2011 at 11:59PM EST!