I love fried food. Who doesn’t? French fries, chicken strips, fish & chips… yum! But I don’t like how oily and greasy it can get. All of that oil isn’t good for you, is messy, and when you think about it, kinda gross. The Rosewill Air Fryer is the answer to the predicament of wanting fried foods but not wanting all of that fat to go with it.


  • 2.5Q (2.4L) Cooking Capacity
  • Cooking Timer up to 60 Minutes
  • Temperature control 122-392F
  • LED display With glass panel and light touch button technology
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology which circulates hot air with speed and precision

Guys – this FRIES WITH AIR. I know. Hard to fathom, but it really does! So far I have made french fries from fresh potatoes, chicken strips, and cooked some fajita chicken in it. But it also makes cake. Seriously! It’s like a super mini-oven for days when you have to cook but don’t really want to.


One of the nice things about the Rosewill Air Fryer is that it’s incredibly easy to use – set the temperature, the time, click “on”. That’s literally it. You can check your food mid-cooking by opening the door. You can set it while you do other things and not worry about it over-cooking or burning. The food stays hot but tender – the chicken strips I made were delectable. Fries are amazingly easy to make, all you do is cut fresh potatoes and let them soak in water for about 20 minutes, toss in some olive oil, and stick them in the air fryer basket, set it for 360 degrees for about 20 minutes. It’s actually a pretty perfect extra appliance in your kitchen because you can use it as a second oven in case you need it. Plus the health factor of cooking your food with air instead of oil is probably the best part of it.


You can find Rosewill appliances on Amazon and locally at Sears & Home Depot. It’s a perfect gift for newlyweds, college kids, and mom & dad!