* I received the product(s) mentioned in order to facilitate this review, however all opinions are my own.

When it comes to gadgets, Samsung runs the gamut, combining beauty with functionality. So is the case with the Samsung Gear Fit (currently available at AT&T). Although there are a couple of cons in the Fit, the overall consensus is positive.


  • Heart rate monitor built in
  • Several activity features, including a pedometer, timer, functions for walking, running, and cycling
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sharp display


  • Limited in features overall
  • Difficult to use for email/phone/text due to the small display
  • Inability to add apps (does not use the Samsung OS, but an independent system)
  • Charging cradle could get lost easily, requiring you to purchase a new one as it’s required

I opened the Gear Fit and immediately loved the slick design. It was slightly curved to fit comfortably around my wrist and wasn’t too intrusive or “look at me and my smart watch” like some bigger ones can be. I discovered that the activity features needed to be enabled, so I connected it to my Samsung S5 Active via Bluetooth. It was pretty easy to do it and get it set up.

I found that the pedometer and the heart rate monitor were fairly accurate, but not 100%. The heart rate monitor seemed to be erratic at times, spiking when I knew full well that my heart rate wasn’t going up. But it was a rare occurrence.  When I selected the activities – like running or walking – and checked my heart rate it seemed to be more accurate. The sleep feature is okay, not terrible, not great. The Gear Fit requires the user to input the approximate sleep time and then will determine actual sleep patterns based on motion. If you are a restless sleeper it will not be too accurate because of this, but still in the ballpark.

Three things I wish the Gear Fit had – #1 – compatibility with the S-Health feature on Samsung phones. The Gear Fit uses its own app on Samsung devices, so you have to get used to a whole new method. Also, I wish there was a music option – if I am running on a track or trail I would love to have my music built-in along with my Bluetooth wireless headphones so I don’t have to carry my phone as well. There’s no internal memory for this. The third is the charging dock. It’s proprietary to the device and if you lose it (which I already have once), you are out of luck until you replace it (it costs about $20). There’s no USB port on the watch itself which is a bit of a bummer.

I think that Samsung is on the right track with the Gear Fit and I am hoping that there are updates to the device to address some of these issues. I do love that it is a hybrid of an activity band and a smartwatch, but if you are looking for more I would suggest the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch which addresses many of the quirks above. As a  activity tracker it does its job quite well. 

Find this and more Samsung gear at ATT locations and ATT.com.