So you may have heard me sing my praises about Safeway before. I have been a Safeway customer for years and years. I don’t even know how long! All I know is my Club Card is connected to an old phone number from when I lived in California.

When I first moved to Oregon I found out I lived just down the street from a Safeway Fuel Station. Hurrah! So a discount on gas was in my life now – something I rarely got before but now since I was a hop, skip, & a jump away from the Safeway gas station it was a normal occurrence. Because I shopped so much at Safeway I racked up those rewards quickly.

Then I bought my house.

Now, I need to say this – buying my house was the 3rd most important thing I have ever done – 1 and 2 are marrying my husband and getting IVF which resulted in my twins. They are interchangeable depending on when you ask :).

But a bummer about buying my house was the location – I was MILES away from the Safeway gas station! I would have to start paying full price to fuel my car! Nooooooo!!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was sobbing. Safeway heard the cries of not-letting-gas-rewards-lapse and partnered with Chevron! Which means that whenever you gas up at Chevron you can give them your Safeway Club Card and use those rewards you thought would go by the wayside. YAY!! Lucky for me I have a Chevron just down the street from me, as many of you probably do as well! If you don’t then you can use the rewards at Texaco! See FAQ

To celebrate this AWESOME new addition to an already fabulous reward program, Safeway is giving one of my readers a $50 gift card! You can use it at any Safeway or Safeway affiliate. Simply follow the entry form below – contest ends AUGUST 5th at 11:59pm PST! Good Luck!
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