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With my husband on our honeymoon

This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and SafetyPin Technologies.

My husband and I were both early Internet adopters and have been online since the 1990s. Despite this, we met the old-fashioned way: In person! In today’s world of Tinder and OkCupid, meeting your spouse in real life is becoming increasingly more rare. I think the Internet is an amazing tool to connect people, but there can be drawbacks; hearing my girlfriends tell horror stories about men they’ve met on dating apps makes me glad I didn’t have to deal with that when I was single! We’re in the wild wild west of technology, so I am confident that this landscape will become easier to navigate over time -and one service that hopes to help do just that is SafetyPIN.


SafetyPIN is a “Virtual trust badge” to help you gauge if someone you connect with online is someone you’d feel safe meeting offline. It works similarly to “Trusted traveler” programs at the airport, where users apply for SafetyPIN certification with a 4-pronged screening process. This includes a criminal and financial background check, identity verification, and a behavioral screening questionnaire that was developed with criminal profilers and a clinical psychologist as a way to help identify those who may pose a danger, even if they do not have a criminal record. Once someone is a verified SafetyPIN holder, they are rescreened regularly and will lose their SafetyPIN status if they fail to meet the requirements.

Users’ personal data is encrypted with best practices for security, and their private information is not shared with others; they can only see if you are an active SafetyPIN holder. You can also control who can verify your SafetyPIN – click here to view an example of what the SafetyPIN badge looks like. You can place your SafetyPIN on a profile or send it through messaging, meaning that you can use it for everything from online dating to hiring a babysitter or buying something off Craigslist.

A SafetyPIN application only costs $1, with membership running you $6 for the first 6 months and under $5 per month after that. Most applications are approved within 24 hours and you can cancel anytime. To apply, visit – and if you want to pay for someone else to apply, such as a dogwalker or housecleaner, click here and register. You will then be able to choose “Vouchers” from the menu in your account and enter the information of the individual you want to pay for. You can cover their application fee and/or ongoing membership depending on your preference.

It’s always important to trust your gut and use common sense when dealing with other people, both online and off. SafetyPIN offers another tool in your arsenal to help you fast-track a higher level of trust before allowing someone around your home or family.