You know that feeling when you are taking a shower, realize your feet are feeling more submerged than usual, and then look down and see that your shower is rapidly filling up with water? This happened to me just recently. Because I dye my hair I tend to lose a little more than usual, which is murder on my drain. Add to it the shampoo, conditioner, and soap used and you have a recipe for potential disaster. It’s something I realized I needed to keep under control because I do NOT want the huge plumbing bills if I don’t. Roto Rooter products are a smart choice for just that.


About Roto Rooter: They are the number one plumbing and drain service that is in the business. While they do offer residential and commercial plumbing and emergency services, they also carry a line of products families can use in their homes to prevent the need for any additional plumbing services. Roto Rooter has been helping families in North America since 1935.

I wish I could say that we rarely have any toilet issues, but having two kids and a husband we have seen more than our fair share of plumbing problems. Nine times out of ten we will have an issue with our plumbing after we have paid a major bill or purchased a new appliance, but isn’t that how it always works?! After our last experience with our plumbing, our drains were backed up and sewage spewed out of every drain known in the house, we decided we needed to take an extra precaution to not have to deal with this again. I recently had the opportunity to check out Roto Rooter and review one of their residential products, the Roto Rooter Drain Cleaner.


The Roto Rooter Drain Cleaner does exactly what the name suggests. Inside the container, you will find a commercial strength gel clog remover that is safe for all pipes, which is important because a lot of people have copper pipes and a lot of the cleaners are not safe for copper pipes. Anyways, the cleaner starts working immediately to start clearing out those clogs. This specially formulated cleaner will work through all those stubborn clogs like grease, hair, dirt, toilet paper wads, and so much more.


Thankfully my drains haven’t overflowed since I started using Roto Rooter products. It’s not only inexpensive (about $11 for 128oz of the Roto Rooter Gel Clog Remover), but it works. WELL. After all, it IS the strongest national brand. And it will help save on those awful potential plumbing bills. Use it regularly to keep those pipes clean! It’s super easy to use, you don’t need to get your hands dirty, and best of all it’s super easy to find.

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