Introducing the first adult-featured stereo headphones made specifically for kids. Manufactured with the same high quality components as those used in standard adult headphones, the Kidz Gear family of stereo headphones deliver extremely rich sound quality for a variety of audio content – DVDs, MP3s, Game Players, Radio and more. Featuring the proprietary KidzControl™ Volume Limit Technology and a built-in volume control knob, the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones are also the safest headphones available for the little ones. They are a must for children in the car, on the plane or hanging out at home.


The twins – who are running headfirst to their 3rd birthday – have a favorite item. Their tablets. They LOVE them so much, but often play different games or videos and get annoyed by each other’s sounds. Plus if I hear the theme to Dora the Explorer one. more. time….

I thought about giving them my earphones to use, but MAN – those things get super loud!! Obviously not for children. I am so glad I stumbled across Kidz Gear, because these seem pretty perfect.

I was sent the Kidz Gear Headphones ($19.99), a carrying bag ($5.99), and a splitter cable ($5.99 or FREE when you order two headphones)


As you can see they are bright and colorful, and come in 5 different colors, so you can give each child their very own! I also love that they have a clip – no dragging cords – and the clip has a volume control.

These headphones have something VERY important to me – volume control. Children have delicate little ear drums that can actually be blown out with loud noises. The noise reduction is about 20% lower than standard headphones. Plus they are super comfortable – the headphones are padded and the head band is a nice resilient plastic so it doesn’t squeeze my child’s head.


Here’s Riley sitting quietly in my big armchair playing a Dora game. She LOVES them 🙂

I am especially excited to have these for a trip we are taking in a couple of weeks – I will be on a 6 hour flight with the twins. Just me and the kids. I would be freaking out (more) if they didn’t have the Kidz Gear headphones, but because they are quiet, help the kids focus on their game, they will therefore help to keep them calm during the 5 hours we will be flying. And as we ALL know – calm children equal calm mom!


You can pick up Kidz Gear Headphones and accessories directly from their site or AMAZON! They retail for just $19.99!


One lucky reader will WIN a pair of Kidz Gear Headphones along with a carrying bag and splitter cable! Simply follow the entry form below – Ends 3/21/2013!

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