Window cleaning in my house poses two distinct challenges. One is the window in the front of my house which my 5 year old son can’t help but put his grimy hands all over. Since this is the window that my guests see as they walk onto my porch, I find myself cleaning it a lot.

The other challenge is the mirror over my stove which Feng Shui experts will tell you is the perfect placement of a mirror if you want to increase your wealth. Who doesn’t want to increase their wealth? The caveat: it must remain clean. Well, Feng Shui experts didn’t count on my proclivity for bacon, so this mirror gets a lot of attention.


Stanley Home Products Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray featuring Grimeguard™ sounded like the perfect product for my clean glass challenges. It claims to be streak free. “Ha!” I said to myself, “That’s what they all say.”

 I was pleasantly surprised when after using the foaming cleaner, there was not a streak to be seen. The other claim is the “invisible shield” which is supposed to guard against grime and water spots. While my son’s grimy fingers didn’t leave my front window perfectly clean, the smudges were easier to clean off with a swipe of a cloth. Bacon grease on my mirror came off easily too.

My two complaints about the product are the aerosol can, an environmental no-no, and the smell, which is quite strong (of course, being pregnant makes me a bit sensitive to smells, so I might not be the best judge when it comes to this).

….While I’m patiently waiting for the wealth Feng Shui experts tell me to expect, I’m enjoying my streak free and mostly smudge free windows and mirrors.


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