Stain Solver saves anything you can wash in water from dirt, stains and odor. From

clothes, linens, carpet, gym shoes and upholstered furniture to tile floors, countertops, decks, roofs and siding. Yeah, it pretty much cleans everything, even the kitchen sink.

Being part of a household that includes 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband you can imagine the stains I encounter. from clothing stains to spills on the carpet nothing is safe in my home.

Speaking of safe – I want to be safe and organic around my family. I don’t want harsh chemicals around any family member. So I was excited when I got asked to review Stain Solver:

2.2lbs $14.97
The first thing I did was read the label – mainly what’s in it:
dried hydrogen peroxide and soda ash

that’s it. No fragrance number 14539585. Nothing I can’t pronounce. Nothing scary. The two ingredients are actually food grade (registered with the FDA). So how does it work? Simple – mix with warm water and it will dissolve (and fizz a little) and it’s ready to use.

I used it to clean my tub. If you noticed I have pink hair. So every time I wash my hair my bathtub turns pink from the run-off. Pink hair dye has been near impossible to get clean. I have tried those magical erasers, scrubbers, etc and it still has some pink hues. While pretty, it doesn’t exactly work with my decor 🙂

I added some hot water (enough to cover the stains) and 6 scoops of Stain Solver and let it soak. I also noticed the botton of my shower curtain was also pink so I made sure to soak that in the Stain Solver water too.

I let it soak for about 1/2 hour and went back in to scrub. I noticed right away that the stains were WAY less noticeable right off the bat. I used a paste of Stain Solver and a little water and that worked very well on getting my tub white again!

I know I could have probably used bleach, but I had some issues with it – I bathe my children in the tub and I didn’t want any bleach residue to affect their sensitive skin. I also know that bleach breaks down materials so I didn’t want it to affect the tub.

I am now such a fan of Stain Solver! I have since used it in laundry, on my carpet, and in the kitchen without worrying about chemicals. And that jar seems to last forever!

Stain Solver is available to order in 2.2lb, 5.2lb, 9.2lb, 18.2lb, and 50lb directly from the Stain Solver website!

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