Being about 100 months pregnant now (not really of course, but by this time, it starts to feel like it), I’m all about the snacks. Portion control hasn’t always been something I’m very good at. I swear I can eat an entire box of cookies in one sitting. Yum Yum Dishes are designed to help you with this very skill. The bowls are a mere 4 ounces and come with a snap on plastic lid. A box of cookies won’t fit in that, but a few will.

The 9Plates are 9 inch plates with sections for proteins, veggies and carbs.

Both are made from ceramic and come in attractive colors. I discovered that the bowls are the perfect size for my son’s snacks too. While making breakfast, I fill up bowls for snacks, snap on the plastic lid, place it in the refrigerator and when I hear the inevitable, between meal, “Mom, I’m STARVING” for the upteenth time, all I have to do is direct him to the fridge where a perfect healthy snack, in the correct portions, will be waiting for him. It’s kind of magical and I find my very pregnant self, not having to waddle to the kitchen quite as often. I like that they’re not made of plastic (except for the lid, but that’s ok). The lids fit tightly but are easy enough for my son to deal with on his own, and snack time for my son has been so much easier. Now, all I have to do is use them for myself.

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