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I was contacted by ModaXpress to check out their website and clothing and I am SO glad I did! I found several great pieces of clothing and accessories at really, really¬†good prices. Here’s what I got:

Butterfly Striped Top -Brown

Striped Black Top

Rhinestone Rip Skinny Jeans $16.99


Although I LOVE all of the clothing items I received, my favorite by far is the Striped Black Top. It’s so me! I love that it is a little sheer (you can see my tattoos under it!) and that it fits so well. So often junior clothing doesn’t fit my figure, but it’s not the case with any of the clothing I got. It’s also more of a soft black, so not harsh and “goth” looking. I can go from edgy to goth with one wrong move ūüôā

The Butterfly Striped Top and the Rhinestone Rip Skinny Jeans look AMAZING together with my tall brown boots! I feel like a million bucks when I wear this outfit, even though the cost for both TOTAL only about $30!

Here’s the big question that is probably on your mind. I know it was on mine..

How do these pieces hold up in the laundry?

Most of the time, inexpensive clothing equals “disposable” clothing. Meaning that you can wash it once or twice before you start seeing loose seams, weird stretching, shrinking, etc. Usually when this happens to me I either donate the item or toss it. So annoying.

WELL< I am happy to report that I have washed all three articles of clothing at least 3-4 times since I got them and they are as good as the day I pulled them out of the box. No pilling, no ripping, no shrinking! I’m SO pleased with that.

ModaXpress has a ton of other super cute things, like tops, jeans, accessories ($2!!) and an awesome sale on dresses – Buy 2 get one FREE! And brand new to ModaXpress – Butt Lifting Jeans!


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