Shawn David Nelson’s huge Sac was seven feet across and took three weeks to stuff. He tried bean bag beads, but they made a mess, and were really not that soft. He then filled it with everything he could find, from packing peanuts to pillows to foam from those yellow camping mattresses, chopped up on a paper cutter. Now all Shawn needed was a name for his Sac. Harnessing the retro spirit of the 1970’s and combining it with the idea of a “bag” gave birth to the name “LoveSac.”

When I was younger I remember seeing LoveSac in my local shopping mall. Just a little store full of giant bean bags – but something about them made them really stand out. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I went in to check them out. Plopped into a giant LoveSac. WOW. SO comfy and cozy!

Now LoveSac has grown into more than just bean bags. They also have FootSacs, Puppy Pillow ant Throws, and Sactionals:

Two simple pieces with endless arrangements. Sactionals Bases and Sides can be combined into hundreds of configurations to build the perfect furniture solution with no tools necessary! The “Base” piece includes a hardwood base frame upholstered in khaki that is guaranteed for life, a 3-layer anti-sag seat cushion and a fiber-filled back pillow. The “Side” piece is used as either an arm or a back. Sactionals covers are sold separately – mix and match or change your covers as often as you like.

I was lucky enough to try out the new Knitted Slippers. WOW..

I was sent these LoveSac Knitted slippers to try out:

First off.. The packaging sets the tone to how wonderful these slippers are. The box is easily usable as a gift box – add a tag and instant gift!

But these were not going to be a gift. Oh No.. I am feeling stingey…

The slippers are SO soft. Like walking on a cloud.. seriously. AMAZING.. From the very moment I put them on I felt more relaxed. I wear them all of the time now!

I have to tell you – I am pretty surprised that they are as durable as they are. I accidentally left them on my back porch. Well, being in Oregon where there is ALWAYS a chance of  rain… it rained. HARD. I didn’t realize I left my comfy slippers outside until it was too late. Oh no!!!

Lucky me I got some pretty awesome slippers. I tossed them in the washing machine and prayed they would hold up. They did! They are just like new, no pulls, yucky spots, etc..

There are more great slippers from LoveSac available too – I love the Phur Slippers – some even have a tail! how fun!

You can find LoveSac products at most shopping malls OR order direct online! Be sure to stay connected to LoveSac on Facebook at Twitter!


while supplied with the item(s) reviewed, I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.