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Matryoshka! is a smart and fun puzzle for kids and toddlers, inspired by the classical Russian nesting dolls. 

DELUXE version comes with 65 dolls for more fun and more discoveries! And with the “Challenge” mode, your children’s patience will be put to the test.

What seems easy for a grown-up is a real puzzle for a preschool kid; open all the dolls, find the smallest one, and then identify the order of doll sizes to be able to stack them all together again. At the end, children are rewarded with a fun activity: they will enjoy a delightful scene of exploding balloons, bubbles, fireworks, volcano rocks, and other surprises.

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I was a little concerned that my 3 year olds may not “get” Matryoshka right away but was pleasantly surprised that they understood how the games worked – you simply go smallest to largest and put the nesting dolls into the next larger one, just like Russian Nesting Dolls. There is also a great challenge mode that gets progressively more difficult by adding more sizes. My son especially loves this app and I love that is challenges him to problem-solve, a trait I want both of my children to possess.

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The characters are cute, there are a TON of activities to keep my little ones engaged, and the sounds are fun (not annoying). The app is just $1.99 and will challenge your child!

Available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. For more great kid’s apps visit Kidoteca!


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