So I am not much of a big drinker, but when I do drink alcohol I like “the good stuff”. None of these cheap, crappy $5 spirits. Oh no. I also prefer mixed drinks over beer. Wine is super fab too. But I do prefer something simple and mixed over anything else.

Ivanabitch Vodka

I was beyond thrilled to review a HOT new drink – Ivanabitch Vodka! Yes, you read that right. Catchy name, huh? So the awesome people at Ivanabitch must have seen my need to chill out and relax so they offered some premium flavored vodka for me to talk about and tell you how much I enjoy it. Of course I said “HECK YES”. It’s an excuse to have a drink after the kids have gone to bed and I am relaxing with my husband after a long day. An excuse to drink? um yes please.

Ivanabitch Vodka comes in several flavors
No, honey, it’s for a review. I HAVE to drink it…”

I was sent 4 fabulous flavors – Cherry, Coconut, Dutch Apple, and the brand spankin’ new Tobacco flavored. Tobacco, you say? Yes. Tobacco!

I first started by smelling each vodka I got. I was super surprised that the scents were… fresh. Like the Dutch Apple – it smells like crisp green apples, just cut. Coconut reminds me of the beach. I wanted to go lay out in the sun and drink it in (but it’s been raining so I have to pretend). Cherry is sweet, like cherry candy. Tobacco smells like pipe tobacco – a little sweet and a little deep.

Then comes my favorite part – the TASTE! I had a little bit of each one by themselves. They were surprisingly smooth, no burn on your throat, no chaser needed. I decided my favorite by itself was Cherry. The flavor was much like the scent – sweet like candy. And girly 🙂

Then I decided to mix them each with something over the course of a few days. Because I would have been schnockered if I did it all in one night!

cherrycolaDay 1 – Cherry Vodka with cola. YUM. Tasted like a cherry cola. It was a bit dangerous because I put 3 full ounces in about 8oz of cola and barely tasted it. But I did feel it. My husband said I was “giddy”.


coconutDay 2 – Coconut with apple juice. Really! SO good!!! I could taste the coconut and when I brought the glass to my lips I smelled the coconut. Very aromatic and delicious. I kinda want to make a slushie with this one.


15261066-apple-with-straw-and-umbrellaDay 3 – Dutch Apple with hawaiian punch soda. It was tropical and super smooth. Elevated the taste of the hawaiian punch. Totally felt like going to a luau.


ron-burgundyDay 4 – Tobacco with cola. I decided to go back with cola on this one because Tobacco was the strongest flavor profile – I didn’t want to muddy it up. It was very “manly” lol – deep and robust and masculine. Think Ron Burgundy if he didn’t have his scotch. He would totally drink this.

My chef friend said I should try Tobacco with sarsaparilla. That may very well be a perfect combination – I would feel like a total cowgirl!

Ivanabitch comes is a slew of other flavors:

You can get Ivanabitch in 35 states currently – including New York, Texas, and Florida! You can find Ivanabitch on Facebook for keeping an eye on hot new topics and news. And chatting drunk. Because it’s fun 🙂