IT&LY Hairfashion’s labs have created a bond between the traditional design of these products while implementing a new protective Desert Blend formula that makes this line unique. The Desert Blend formula is comprised of proteins developed from desert plants (agave, joshua tree, and cholla cactus) to protect hair from harmful UV rays.
I was sent several products from the IT&LY Purity Design Line to try out:

Purity Design Shampoo ($11)
Purity Design Conditioner ($13)
Purity Design Pure Water Drops (50ml) ($32.49)
Pure Definition Paste ($16.99)
Pure Modeling Wax ($16.99)
*prices are approximate
I really love that the products aren’t perfumey like other products I have tried. The scent is light and natural, really barely there so it doesn’t compete with a fregrance I might be wearing.

I also liked how “squeaky clean” my hair got after using Purity Design Shampoo & Conditioner for a week. And it feels good – soft!

The first time I used the Water Drops – which is a serum – I used too much! I didn’t realize how little I needed since I am so used to buying drugstore serums. So after realizing I only needed one squirt of the dropper – really not even a full squirt – I loved it. I mean LOVED it… My hair feels like glass – SUPER smooth. I love that soft salon-feel!

I tried the Definition Paste on the ends of my hair to add some texture..

*please excuse the bags under my eyes!!!
Here’s a picture that I took with Dylan. Dylan is actually wearing the Modeling Wax in his hair. I just have the Water Drops and a teeny bit of the Definition Paste:

*just before tears… but isn’t his hair cool?

Overall, I would say I really liked the IT&LY Purity Design Products. I just have to remember that it’s so different from the drugstore stuff I have gotten in that you don’t need that much! In fact, I can see the Water Drops lasting easily twice as long as the other serums. If you consider these then the prices are almost the same per use and you are getting a better result anyway! 
IT&LY Hairfashion also makes Colorly, a multi-product line for all of your coloring needs!
Purity Design by IT&LY Hairfashion can be purchased at most salons and beauty supply stores or online at The Beauty Depot, Hair Care Choices, and other online professional hair product shops.

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