Finally, indi is the solution to that enduring problem of wishing you could buy your favorite fitting jeans, pants and shirts again and again! indi stores each customer’s personalized pattern and order history in their very own Digital Closet, so customers can easily come back to buy the exact same garment or to try the latest styles while keeping the same fit.
Let’s talk body type. Let’s talk fit. As in how your clothes fit. Specifically jeans. Mine? hmm, where do I start?
Here are my problems:
  • Since having twins my stomach is no longer flat. Ok, it never WAS flat as a board, but now I have a little extra skin. yuck…
  • Also since having twins my butt has gone away. You’d think it was the opposite.. no. I used to have the cute round high booty and now? Nothing.
  • If a pair of jeans fit at the waist they are too big in the butt and thighs
  • If they fit the butt and thighs the waist cuts in. Darn you muffin top!
  • If they miraculously fit me, they won’t for long. they will stretch and start to sag during the day.
  • The rise is either “mom jeans” or super low. No self-respecting woman should ever EVER show their “coin slot” (unless maybe if they are a plumber?)…
The only thing I can’t complain about is length (usually). I can almost always get the length I want. But length is a small piece of the puzzle.
Luckily I discovered indiJeans by indiCustom!

You start by choosing your basic fit. I chose the SoMa Slim Fit. I decided on a dark wash with whiskers in a bootcut with flap pockets, a coin pocket, and a 3/8″ hem.
How’s that for detailed? Yep, I chose every little feature of my jeans.
BUT it gets better…
I was asked a series of questions about my body type – the normal height, weight, waist, etc. But also bra size and whether or not I have a belly (yep) and how much and what kind of scoop I want in the front.
It took about a month to receive my jeans – after all they were 100% custom designed by me. When they arrived I couldn’t wait to put them on.
Woah. They felt…
They fit like a dream. I wore them throughout the day and they retained their shape. No sagging, no stretching out.
They feel like sweats. REALLY!
I felt so incredibly comfortable and happy in my new indiJeans. My sister even said my butt looked great in them 🙂
True, indiJeans are a bit pricey, but they are worth it. I mean, how many jeans do you have in your closet that you don’t wear because they don’t fit quite right? Me? I have 4 at least. And at $60 a pair (average) that’s $240 worth of jeans I will probably never wear. Instead I can get another pair of indiJeans for $167 that I will wear all of the time.
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