Do you have 2 little adventurers? Do they both want the front seat? The Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport is the perfect solution. Its cool-climate roll-up keeps airflow in the summer or roll-down seat to block the wind in the winter! Compact and lightweight for no non-sense travel, the Jeep double umbrella stroller easily folds up. Comfortable for your baby and convenient for you, this quick umbrella-fold stroller comes complete with reclining padded seat backs, cargo bags and removable parent cup holder. JPMA Certified.

So my twins are heading into the land of “three”, meaning that in 2 short months they will be 3 years old. Oh My Gosh!!! Where did my little infants go and WHY is time rushing by so fast?!?!

One of the quirks to being almost-three is the want to be independent. Basically they want to walk and not be in their stroller. But at the same time, their short little leggies start to get weary and mom simply can’t carry them both. So I needed a new lightweight stroller. Like the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport!

Some key features:

  • Seat pad to protect your child from the wind in cooler weather
  • Seat rolls up and creates a head rest during warmer weather
  • Mesh backing to increase airflow in warmer weather
  • Removable parent cup holder for drinks while on the go
  • Both seats independently recline 26 degrees
  • Two cargo bags for storage
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Quick umbrella fold
  • Extra-wide frame
  • 3-point quick-release buckle

So let me tell you – first off this was INCREDIBLY easy to assemble. Even with two “helpers”! It was a matter of popping the wheels on and you are pretty much finished.




Seriously – Dylan helped and it was easy.. Before we knew it we were ready to roll! The twins really wanted to get out to enjoy the rare Oregon sunshine, so we decided to take a quick walk to our local Safeway to pick up a few things.


I loved that I could hook the bags right onto the handle without needing anything special – my other stroller handlebar goes all the way across.


Here are a few things I really like about the Jeep Wrangler Twin Stroller:

  • It’s light! A mere 21 pounds. I can pick it up with one hand. Nice when I need to other to wipe a nose, or hold a hand, or a toy…
  • Speaking of one-handed – I can steer it with one hand, so drinking coffee while walking I can finally do again.
  • It folds up pretty compactly and will fit in pretty much any trunk or closet.
  • The frame is sturdy – not a lot of moving parts to break, which won’t happen anyway because the frame is aluminium and won’t bend . I especially love that the frame at the leg area stays straight and doesn’t move, my last umbrella stroller had moveable parts there and broke within a couple of months 🙁
  • I also like that the brakes are on the back wheels and the front wheels cannot be locked into “straight position”. I think you use this for terrain? I don’t know, I never used that feature in my other stroller and the kids were constantly kicking it with their feet and “locking” me. Annoying and unneeded for the average stroller user.
  • The seats recline independently. LOVE that.
  • 3 Point seatbelt – I have found as the kids get older they don’t want the shoulder straps and I end up not using them when we go for a walk.
  • It’s really easy to fold up. No tugging at it, pulling, or throwing it in the street (never did that but wanted to with my old one!)
  • Although it has no under-storage it DOES have the side bags – saddle bags I call them – that will hold a few extra diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. I also found the easiest solution for shopping with this stroller. While at Target last night I was wondering how I was going to hold my purchases and discovered the hand basket fit perfectly over one handle. I had my very own shopping cart 🙂 You can also try using this Jeep Stroller Mesh Bag which I am ordering. Super easy solution!

I do wish that the hoods were bigger. They don’t cover much, which isn’t a huge deal for me, but it’s an observation. But really? That’s the only thing I find a detriment to the design.

I would absolutely recommend this stroller for those of you who have two children to cart around! I kinda want to get a second one – one for the car and one for home since we often take walks. You can find them on Amazon and several other sites! The MSRP is $129.99 but I am seeing it for under $100 – a STEAL 🙂




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