The inspiration is from Shakti, which in Sanskrit means power. eShakti is pronounced e-Shuck-tee – but e-Shack-tee works too! eShakti is about empowering you, our customer, with customization in every design – to give you your size, your style, your color, your choice. One size does not fit all and all sizes are not created equal. For too long women have been forced to conform to standard sizing that too often doesn’t fit properly. At eShakti, a customer can shop for exactly what she wants – no compromise. She can ask for her size, including custom size and often change the style as well, and even the color in many cases. At eShakti, a customer will never hear her size is not available.


I am like many women – my body is not the same as many ready-to-wear garments. I have a smallish waist and a large bust, so I am different sizes on the top and bottom. I also tend to shy away from poplins and fabrics that don’t give a lot of stretch – because if they fit up top, they are too big in the waist. Fit the waist and hips? I’m spilling out the top! I have learned the secret to getting a good fit – use a tailor. But do you know how difficult it is to find a good one? and how EXPENSIVE? I had a jacket taken in at the waist last year – simple pull the seams in, not much else. I could have done it myself. The tailor charged me $25 to do it. And yes, it fit afterward, but I had just spent 1/3 of the price of the jacket on just making sure it fit.

I have now discovered another secret. Shakti…

eShakti takes all of the extra work out of making sure a garment fits. I was lucky enough to receive the Trench-Style dress from eShakti:

Trench-Style Dress, $54.95

Cute, right? YES! Adorable! BUT…

I wanted it shorter to wear with leggings and boots. And I wanted the sleeves in a puff rather than a ruffle. So I sent in my measurements to eShakti and my design adjustments and voila! They did it. And it FIT.

It fits beautifully! It’s exactly what I wanted and have looked for (for ages!). I love the idea of a versatile, easy dress. I am so tired of my hoodies with jeans. The great thing about this dress? I can wear it for just about any occasion. Out to dinner? throw some heels and sparkly bracelets on. Taking the kids to the park? A fitted long-sleeve tee underneath, jeggings, and my Uggs. Coffee with friends? Grey textured tights, brown tall boots, and a fringed scarf. The possibilities are endless with this. I got it 2 weeks ago and have worn it with leggings, open with a tank and jeans, and “vintage style” with sling-back kitten heels and pearls.

AND at $54.95 (plus $7.50 for custom) it’s totally affordable. Especially because I didn’t have to do a thing to make it fit. It just fit.

eShakti has more GORGEOUS clothing pieces – all with a bit of a vintage flair. And ALL fully customizable!

Bow-Tied Neck Dress $54.95

Asymmetrical Pintucked Ruffle Panel Top $32.95

Embellished Florals Flared Skirt $49.95


Visit eShakti to take a look at the beautiful and affordable garments! When you register you will get $20 off your first purchase PLUS Free customization on your first order! Shipping is fast too – you’ll get your order within 8 business days (this includes custom pieces!).

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While supplied with the item reviewed, I was not compensated for this post. All opinions and views expressed are my own.