*I partnered with Wholesale Halloween Costumes for this post, but all opinions are my own. 

Halloween has got to be my favorite holiday. I love dressing up, the kids love trick-or-treating, and they enjoy being able to plan out what their costumes will be. Usually we do some sort of Harry Potter costumes with cloaks and wands, but this year they chose something else.

Riley’s favorite animal is a tiger. She has tiger everything from her toys to her bedding set, and now she has a cute girly Tigress Hoodie costume that she wants to wear. It came complete with the dress, cropped hoodie with ears, tail, and fingerless gloves.

This costume totally fits her sassiness and ferociousness! It’s cute enough to do some Halloween fun, but also to wear on other days. In fact, she has worn it a few times since receiving it because she loves it so much.

Dylan decided he was going to be a super-cool and mysterious ninja. He has some great karate skills from 2 years in martial arts so he’s eager to test them out in his costume.

This past weekend we also attended Rose City Comic Con and PlayFair PDX, so it was a perfect excuse for Riley to dress up as her favorite superhero – Marvel’s The Wasp. She rocked it too, so much so that she got a ton of compliments on it andwas comfortable walking around the Con for a few hours.

We even got costumes for the dogs. Unfortunately Finn is just too small for them, but our new pup Indiana will be the perfect size come Halloween for being either a Doggie UPS Driver or in a Bantha Dog Costume from Star Wars. I am not sure which one I love more!

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