Renuzit Air Fresheners are available at all major retailers including Walmart #ChooseThemAll #shop

Display your scents of style and fill your rooms with your favorite Renuzit® product and scent. Or be experimental and consider a different aroma for each space. Discover your new favorites.

Renuzit Air Fresheners come in 18 fragrances, including Black Cone Premium Scents #ChooseThemAll #shop

Oh boy. I know I have touched on this topic, but can we talk frankly about potty training? It’s not just the teaching, bribing, begging and pleading for your child to use the potty. It’s the accidents. The oopsies. The smells. Using the best air freshener possible is a must, right?

Yes. I know you were thinking it. Potty training is a SMELLY endeavor. Because my twins have had accidents I am constantly doing laundry. And constantly wondering exactly how my home smells. My sister and I have a common fear that our homes smell awful and we just don’t know it because we are used to it.

So with that said, air fresheners are a common thing here in the Jones house. I was beyond thrilled that Renuzit redesigned not only the way their Adustable Cones look, but they also overhauled the scents. There are 18 – YES 18! – scents available – ranging from the fruity Citrus Sunburst or Raspberry to the exotic Tahitian Breeze, even the comforting scents of Creme Brulee and Red Velvet Cake. Don’t those sound ahhh-mazing??

Renuzit Air Fresheners look and smell great in any room #ChooseThemAll #shop

Luckily since my last blog post/complaint the twins have hit a milestone. NO accidents! We have even delved into the night-time training. YES! But I do love to have Renuzit Cones up and around various rooms in my home. The great thing is they are pretty – No more HIDING them! And instead of smelling those lingering smells (you know what I mean), I am greeted with a fresh, clean scent in every room.

Renuzit Air Fresheners look and smell great in any room #ChooseThemAll #shop

When I headed to Walmart to grab some more Renuzit Cones ($.97 cents!!)I picked up a couple of other special things for the twins to reward them for a job well done – some underwear in their favorite characters and a Playdough playset! While I was there Riley also wanted to choose her own Renuzit Cone! She chose Pure Breeze – a crisp contemporary fragrance as inviting as the white daisies on the packaging.

Renuzit Air Fresheners - Riley likes Pure Breeze #ChooseThemAll #shop

Renuzit Air Fresheners #ChooseThemAll #shop
Happy kids, happy mom!

You can check out my complete Renuzit shopping experience at Walmart on Google+

I gotta say – even without throw potty training into the mix I would be buying up some Renuzit cones, I just have a good excuse 🙂 Although – the Scent Gents are reason enough. Oh yes, I said Scent Gents. Eye candy, ladies! Check them out!

Renuzit Air Fresheners Scent Gents #ChooseThemAll #shop

So if you can’t decide on a scent, choose your favorite guys and get theirs. Just ‘cuz. I kind of like the dark handsomeness of CRÈME BRÛLÉE JEAN PIERRE. No wait, HAWAIIAN OASIS HEATH. No, FRESH LAVENDER LUKE. Ugh, I can’t decide! Guess I will CHOOSE THEM ALL! You can find them at Walmart, Target, and Kroger stores!


I have TEN coupons for free Renuzit cones to give away! These are actually $1 off, but since they are only $.97 at Walmart and under $1 at other stores they will be free! YES – you CAN win multiple times! Ends 9/24!
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