I did my first Menopur shot this morning. I have to say I was pretty nervous about it. I have done a million shots and never had to actually mix it. But I did it and have a nice red welt to prove it. The needle is thicker that what I am used to, so I imagine I will have a few marks on my tummy after the ten-ish days I do them. I kinda hurt but no biggie.

Josh and I went to the Farmers Market today. I got all sorts of yummy fruits and veggies plus found more flavored honey sticks 7 for $1. So I bought 28. At Made in Oregon (a store in and around Portland) they are 5 for $2. So I say I got a deal. If you haven’t had them yet, you should find some. I know they are online, just search for “honey sticks” or “honey straws”. Delish 🙂

While coming back from the market Josh and I got to talking about our ivf deal. We figured out we have so far spent around 6 grand on medical expenses this year. I keep hoping that it will work and talk like it will, but then Josh asked me if I was ready for a negative result if we got it. I immediately said no. How could I ever be ready for it? I’m not even ready for a positive result. I have no idea what my reaction will be to my beta, good or bad. For now I just have to do what I have to do. And pray.

So hopefully I will join the ranks of Breeder Beware, Best When Used By, and Jason and Amber, all of whom recently got their prayers answered. And Katie, it’s your turn too 🙂 It’s almost Monday, girlie!