I love broccoli slaw but I hate mayonnaise, so I don’t do mayonnaise-based dressings. I was trying to think of another way to make it, and I instantly thought of teriyaki sauce! I love teriyaki sauce, and an Asian broccoli slaw sounded awesome!

To dress it up a bit more, I added sliced almonds and french fried onions. It’s the perfect crunchy, healthy snack – I LOVE it! And, it’s super easy to make – combine the four ingredients together, and that’s it! If anyone wants an easy-peasy recipe, it’s me.


1 bag broccoli slaw
Teriyaki sauce
1 2 oz. bag sliced almonds
French fried onions

Combine broccoli slaw and almonds in a bowl. Add French fried onions to taste and several dashes of teriyaki sauce.

See? Super easy! It will impress people, and it only takes a few minutes to make!