Now that I am a freelance writer and am actually home in the evening, I’m trying to cook more than our standard, go-to meals like spaghetti. I’ve always loved the thought of stuffed shells, but you can’t get anything like that at a restaurant without cheese. Since I don’t eat cheese, I figured I’d try my hand at my own version. I didn’t really know what else to use for the filling besides mushrooms, so I went with onions. I was going to put some spinach in, too, but it had gone bad. šŸ™

I chopped up a package of white onions and about half an onion.


I sauteed them and then mixed them with a little bit of spaghetti sauce. Then, I stuffed the shells, covered them with the rest of the spaghetti sauce, sprinkled oregano on the top and popped them in the oven until the sauce started to bubble.


I also made roasted garlic cauliflower from a recipe a found on All Recipes. Ohmygoodness it was yummy! These dishes are definitely going on our rotation. In fact, I’m planning on roasting cauliflower next week since I got another head in this week’s Farmers Market Basket.


Want the recipes? Of course, you do!


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